Monday, 9 October 2017

Burpees Challenge Testimonial

It's crazy man! I can't imagine that I able to complete my 100 reps burpees in  30 days. This challenge, I do it for fun and the same time to improve my performance in sport. You should try to do this challenge and put on your bucket list: things that you should do before you die (LOLZ).According to the article that I google- Burpees got its name from Royal H. Burpee. He is Physiologist from New York. You can read more about burpees from this (link).

Figure 1Taken from huffingtonpost

My review after done this challenge - it's total mental challenge, you start to feel the agony when you do it straight 5 days. The good things- burpees can be your “ last minutes” training if you want to get your stamina increase in short period. Again, I can’t believe it I can do it this challenge. If someone ask me – can you repeat this challenge? My answer is NO….. 100 reps for 30 days is only for once in My life ( Lolz).  However, I gain many things from this insane challenge :

1.       I can do monkey bar ( after two years of training)
<    My cardio stamina performance is increase
<    Improve my back muscle
      My abs muscle finally come out

Figure 1 : I trackdown my burpess routine in my public Instagram @anour83 with #ashburpeeschallenge

How to survive your burpees challenge :

<    Go slow, start with 10 reps ( or depends on your capability ). My 100 reps challenge only began after two years practicing burpees with variety form.

     Repetition might injured you however focus on correct form and variety of it will help your struggle
     Get enough protein to recover your muscle sore.
Have a rest day ( Gila ke apa? nak continued sampai lembam?)

Testimony Picture

Figure 2 Somewhere in July 2017 I do this crazy challenge

Figure 3 : current result in September 2017

Figure 4 : we also do the burpees as warm up before VC Genting 2017

Saturday, 30 September 2017

How I do my rope climbing ( beginner)

I just want to share my personal experience in enhancing my skills in the climbing rope. At first - I always underestimate myself to conquer this skill. For OCR lover, climbing rope is one of the skill/ course that you need to master it.After two years trying, finally  I able to conquer the rope. Yet, my upper body still not strong. With this skill, it will help me to vary the training in the build up my upper strength.

That's a lot of thing I do to improve my climb. From zero knowledge/skill, I'm struggling a lot to do this.

1. Build up my back muscle

2. Weight control

3. Diet

4. Grip strength

Since I know that, there are lots of things I need to build. For temporary, I only focus this four things and master it before I jump to advance level.

Build back muscle

I read a lot of material from the internet and do my own research, any climb activities will be used back muscle as the main muscle (This is what internet said). Then, I verified the material I read by asking celebrity coach from their Instagram. If they have time to answer your question (Lolz). Personal Training is way out from my budget- if I have money, I will be the first person who will hire them 24 hours to teach me how to climb the rope. Majority agree back muscle needed to improve for your climbing skills. Every day, I woke up from sleep I straight away to inverted row. Min 30 reps, max 50 reps at gym I will to Lat machine and try to push myself to lift heavy that I can.

Weight control

Ok. This is my theory. When your body is light you can lift your body easier. So I need to lose weight (in healthy way) . It’s involve workout and diet.

To increase stamina, for a start I follow Paleo diet then I switch back to clean diet. My body need real carbs to lift the body weight.

Grip Strength
Hanging and hold as long as you can. It might be look dull, but as beginner- this is help a lots to build your grip for climbing skill

Take a deep breath,  so I can focus more on my climbing. If my heart beat fast, I unable to manage my grip and losing my focus

Jump and grip the highest point that you can reach ( this moment will test your deep squat)

Then I start climb and using my feet as support. Since my upper not to strong I can’t use pull up technique. However, I using different technique that using a lots of feet movement and abs
(Is like you do hanging leg rise)

Hang leg rise – Got it ?

Then I switch to other check point. You need strong grip to follow my technique

Post mortem – I can do 1-2 reps for the full climb , then after that my stamina is out to climb. It’s good progress for me (bila dah dapat panjat dah cukup bagus dah...), but I shouldn’t feel in safe zone cause there were lots of room improvement that I need to do. 

Viper Challenge 2017 King of The mountain

I continued my momentum to Genting highlands to complete my Viper Challenge finisher series. Where it left off two month a ago in Medini Johor. This time, it's complete different from my others OCR experience. We're battled the hilly terrain, winding roads and some new obstacle.The cool climate at Genting was welcome change for me after the energy sapping heat of the previous VC. Luckly, afternoon time wave did not dampen the mood of the member of Geng besi making they way through the adernaline pumping obstacle.

Participants received their medal and finisher t-shirt once they had completed the challenge which covered a distance of 10KM and the 15 obstacles. This is VC third time here in Genting and  we're demanding unforgettable experience in OCR.  The Viper Challenge is my platform in OCR that pushed me to limit which I never thought that I could make it.

At finisher line

muddy day

Personal experience :

  1. stay or not ? - depends on individually , but I'm staying there a day before race so it will convenient for me to went there. Need to admit there were lots of Chinese food  at Gohtong . But mamak and one Malay-thai restaurant also available and the price is more affordable compare to Genting.
  2. It's easier OCR  compare to other VC. However the challenge for this event is the distance. You need to run at the hills, because at certain period you can feel numb at your calf ( muscle on the back of the lower leg). You need to watch you pace during run to prevent cramp and stay hydrate.
  3. Don't worry about parking is easy to find compare to others. But I'm  not encourage you to park at  the hill. Lepas dah habis tu mesti penat, sebab OCR for VC Genting pace dia adalah mencanak naik -turun -naik. 
  4. In future if you plan to take part in King of the mountain, focus  more on hill run and don't forget to schedule your leg day. 
  5. Do you homework on weather cast. Hujan ke tak? Panas ke tak ? It's to predict your endurance boleh tahan ke tidak.  Because time wave for King of the mountain is very flexible . Mine is 1pm  dan berdoa tidaklah panas mencanak. So I'm lucky.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Batu Maloi Cave

Batu Maloi cave was my first experience in exploring the cave. I'm really excited and looking forward the journey by digging material reading from internet. I'm focusing more on personal blog journey that can might help me during the explorer. According to internet material, Batu Maloi cave usually has been used for caving training to Niah Cave. The level of extreme Batu Maloi  is more worth it compare to Tempurung Cave (This is what our  guide told us)

Batu Maloi cave level extreme is more than Tempurung Cave 

This expedition consist RM45 per person that include for breakfast and lunch together with two guides. ( Not include toll, petrol and others) We're follow others group that have more experience in caving compare to us. Batu Maloi caving can be considered as water caving because we're exploring wet cave. It's totally 99% wet.

It's totally 99% wet.

For those who are wondering is that Batu Maloi Cave is difficult or not? your expedition will be smooth  if you love extreme activities and have good stamina (it worth to be discover - tough? not really but depends on what route that you choose during caving)  ,  and this cave should be in your list as outdoor seekers. But IF you have claustrophobia - it might tough for you. But don't worry I'm claustrophobia  and manage to counter my fear in this cave.

If your first time to come here, my tips - don't buy expensive gear. You can get all your gears from Mr. D.I.Y. Tak payah susah-susah beli yang mahal. Seriously I'm not joking. What you need to have :

1. Adidas kampung ( rubber shoes) but if you have aqua shoes than is fine already

2.  glove ( Mr DIY sudah  and don't use your gym/ OCR glove it malfunction in here)

3. wear comfortable apparel (jaga lengan dan kaki , permukaan batu kasar- advisable seluar dan lengan panjang)

4. 2 energy bar/ chocolate bar ( I'm just bring one energy pack)

5. Protect your phone ( some tips from experience person pass tome - simpan phone dalam bekas tupperware kecil) untuk elak retak skrin. Serious tak kelakar kalau telefon pecah and another advise from them kalau ada orang tumpang phone dalam beg ( kalau boleh tak encourage nanti pecah dia yang marah kau padahal dia yang tumpang telefon dalam bag kau satu kerja pula nak jaga barang dia ini bukan soal lokek ke apa, this is about responsibility - is your sweet time nak kena fikir jaga barang orang pula)

6. waterproof bag (tak payah besar sangat)

7. Headlamp

8. Stokin nak pakai ke tak ? no need unless you wear compression socks. Sebab nanti batu-batu kecil akan terperangkap dalam stokin akan timbul rasa tak selesa.

9. Watch your head and duck. Ni bukan hiking or treaking 😈 . Orang biasa hiking dan treaking akan banyak kali terhantuk dalam gua ni ( serious is not cool)


The journey took 2 hours (depends on the group your follow) the more people that have in the group - it will take long time. After come out from the cave it will have 10 minutes treaking back to camp base.

Surau and toilet have been provided at this area- don't worry. The things that you need to worried you need to clean and dry clothes for changing. The toilet might be limited my suggestion if you in hurry , don't waste you time in cave so much to taking picture. Toilet clean don't worry too but the source of water might be challenging because you need to have water carrier to bring to the toilet. Your hostel experience will help you a lot compare to other that don't have experience in boarding school.

Dapatkan harga bilik murah semasa perjalanan anda di NIDA ROOMS