Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Restaurant Jayamas , Best Chicken Chop @ Seremban

Travel to Restaurant  Hua mui located at city of JB from KL can consuming time, Hua mui had become one of my family's favorite Hainanese chicken chop event to Johor royal family. This article is not about Hua mui, but is about Restaurant Jayamas located at seremban area.

Restaurant Jayamas (in F & N advertisement )

Jalan Dr Krishnan,Seremban

Instead Hua mui's Hainanese Chicken chop, to release my longing to their chicken chop  I can go to Restaurant Jayamas, Jalan Dr Krishnan,seremban town area.  Although Jayamas's chicken chop different with Hua mui JB. But it is the tradition of the old recipe of century (before our parents was born ) and it was cooked by the veteran. About halal don't worries... yes it is HALAL FOOD.

All menu food is strongly suggest to try, And as usual I was chicken lovers and that day was consider my cheat day. So I will order my Hainanese Chicken Chop. Food prices are still reasonable  at Seremban and definitely delicious for our taste bud 

This is chicken chop Hainanese Jayamas from side view

What a great view!

The Jayamas was small old coffee shop, you need to notice the signboard Jayamas.
Operation hour between Monday to Saturday from 8.30am till 5.30am only.
And don't be surprise all staff was veteran  

Recommended! because this is one of my favorite place after I went to PD

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