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Pak John Steamboat & Yong Tao Foo at Wangsa Walk KL

Pak John Steamboat & Yong Tao Foo at Wangsa Walk KL

I never notice steamboat restaurant  at Wangsa Walk Mall. There are variety of cuisine at here however not all  attract me to dine in here because of their attitude (unfriendly staff) except Little Wok Restaurant, however there already transfer to another place. 

Till one day, I received event invitation for Bloggers Award 2014 from Halim Brothers  .  Then I realise  Pak John Steamboat & Yong Tao Foo has second branch  at Wangsa Walk Mall. And you know what.... after event , I came again the next day - like magnet  to dine again at here.*hiksss - fallin in love*

Pak John , Wangsa Walk branch concept is Ala-carte compare to Pak John E-Curve which is buffet. Restaurant Pak John is Halal. Their Staff have good hospitality- friendly  and  tentative to their customers. For me, steamboat at Pak John is worth your penny especially 'cookies monster' (sesame street icon ) like me. My Friends (3 peeps ) and I   request for Set 2 steamboat ( For 2 pax ) for beginning as we thought that we would like to add-on another "ala-carte" steamboat menu. We want something variety for our dinner.However Set 2 steamboat more just enough for us. I think our set can eat by  5 peoples. * Banyak gila isi dia*  . FYI  :

  1. Set 1  for 1 person - Free 1 set ala-carte( I believe can eat up to 3 people)- RM29.90
  2. Set 2 For 2 Person - Free 3 set ala-carte ( I Believe can eat up to 5 people)- RM39.90
  3. Set 4 For 3-4 Person - Free 4 set ala carte ( I think huge )- tak ingat harga dia berapa..sorry

Their broth is fantastic, rich with taste. They have variety of flavor  that I can't recall. So far I only taste 3 from their menu. Which is Prawn, curry and Tomyam. From this 3 broth , I recommend you guys to try tomyam and curry.  You can't reject their tomyam because it will  heat up your mind and you will demand more and more while curry  , remember to curry laksa aunty at FAM.  * Best* Taste like siham curry.

This is steamboat Pak John From Set 6

Butter for Grilled

They do have salmon for steamboat set

Fried Calamari- they have ala carte ready made to

There are few things that I would like to highlight :

I love  Pak John Sirap Bandung. Unique . * Ada biji selasih*

You must try their smoked duck. The duck is so tender when you grilled. This is one reason why I come back here.... quack -quack. Furthermore their grill bbq is eco-friendly. There no splash oil, therefore you can grill without fear. eheheheh

They have "exclusive " sauce . Limited but you can request more and more.  Combination between sweet-sour -spice balance.  I think this is their "weapon"

Lastly , instead smoked duck you may try their Australian beef slices . Katakanlah you tak pandai makan itik. You can order this. It taste like "kobe beef" . When you grilled within 2-3 minutes it already well-done.

Our Total Budget for 4 pax :

Set 2 Steamboat = RM39.90
Smoke Duck Breast = RM12.90
Beef Slice = Rm12.90
Tomyam Soup = RM10
Fried Tempura Calamari = RM6.90
Longan = RM4.90
Lime Juice= RM4.90
Orange Juice=Rm5.90
Desser-bubur Pak Lan = RM1.90
Together with 16% tax = RM120.75 (dia yang mahal sebab gov tax  dia je... nak ikutkan total harga sebenar adalah sekitar RM100)

Comment : Usually if you eat steamboat for 2 pax it will cost you this amount.I believe this price worth for 4 pax. (very worth)

Location :
Wangsa Walk (beside ayam penyet restaurant and same row with Celcom service center)
Lot GL-02 & FL-02 
Jalan Wangsa Perdana 1
Bandar Wangsa Maju 


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