Tuesday, 18 July 2017

OCR Junkies

Hi and Assalam!!!

Yes, I'm still alive but it takes me a long time to write down in here. This year, there are lots of things that I aim for. Plus, I need to do some makeover for my blog. More personal and international (because I want to get more feedback from others). I need to admit this year is a very tough year for me. Alhamdulillah, I manage to went through all the obstacle without having any depression. Thanks to all OCR event that I entered previously. That made my more positive in real life journey. This year fitness target, I dream to enter Spartan Race. Unfortunately, some of my friends ( more than 3 voices) said I'm not ready for it.  The idea is - why you should you pay an expensive price, but you do penalty for the obstacle that you unable to perform it. I take all the feedback as a challenge by register 4 events from Viper Challenge as my platform to Spartan Race. There were:

1. Viper Challange Medini
2. Viper Challange Genting
3. Viper Challange Arena (Shah Alam)
4. Viper Challange Cyberjaya.

Figure 1 : Conquer King of The mountain 2017 and the reward is Samyang Noodles

Figure 2 : Finishing moment

Some ticket is pricey, especially the organiser more likely to launch sale ticket during the middle of the month made me purchase the ticket later on and get late time wave. For me, time wave is very important that can influence your performance. Therefore, I train hard to prepare my mental. ( Can you imagine to run in Malaysia climate?) Compare to previous year preparation, this year my workout more focus on individually. ( I'm concern to spent more time with my mum and travelling to PJ). Only once a while I will train with another teammate. There were pro and cons if you train alone. Pro- you can focus more on you train and reduce time rest. Cons- You will not know your weakness because the workout will more on self-orientation.

Back to my Spartan journey, when I list down the Viper Challenge that I register, I realise that I will complete the finisher series this year. This is to prove to someone who dared me to complete all the obstacle in Malaysia this year (crazy). Not all I manage to participate due to budget plus the OCR in Malaysia getting mainstream nowadays (due to budget , . Everyone wants to try it and you can experience long queue in every obstacle during OCR. I hope by next year, I can conquer fully the monkey bar. Ameen!

Figure 3 : Spartan race- test obstacle

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