Monday, 9 October 2017

Burpees Challenge Testimonial

It's crazy man! I can't imagine that I able to complete my 100 reps burpees in  30 days. This challenge, I do it for fun and the same time to improve my performance in sport. You should try to do this challenge and put on your bucket list: things that you should do before you die (LOLZ).According to the article that I google- Burpees got its name from Royal H. Burpee. He is Physiologist from New York. You can read more about burpees from this (link).

Figure 1Taken from huffingtonpost

My review after done this challenge - it's total mental challenge, you start to feel the agony when you do it straight 5 days. The good things- burpees can be your “ last minutes” training if you want to get your stamina increase in short period. Again, I can’t believe it I can do it this challenge. If someone ask me – can you repeat this challenge? My answer is NO….. 100 reps for 30 days is only for once in My life ( Lolz).  However, I gain many things from this insane challenge :

1.       I can do monkey bar ( after two years of training)
<    My cardio stamina performance is increase
<    Improve my back muscle
      My abs muscle finally come out

Figure 1 : I trackdown my burpess routine in my public Instagram @anour83 with #ashburpeeschallenge

How to survive your burpees challenge :

<    Go slow, start with 10 reps ( or depends on your capability ). My 100 reps challenge only began after two years practicing burpees with variety form.

     Repetition might injured you however focus on correct form and variety of it will help your struggle
     Get enough protein to recover your muscle sore.
Have a rest day ( Gila ke apa? nak continued sampai lembam?)

Testimony Picture

Figure 2 Somewhere in July 2017 I do this crazy challenge

Figure 3 : current result in September 2017

Figure 4 : we also do the burpees as warm up before VC Genting 2017

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