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My First Spartanrace

My first Spartan race (Introduction)

I remember, this race I enter on December 2017. I’m been told that I’m not qualified yet in others words “not fit enough” by my friends when I decided to join the race. I wait for almost a year to prepare myself for this race. Besides waiting and training my weakness. What I did was registered another OCR races such as Viper Challenge, Mad Warrior and Amazon race and hoping the right time comes to me.
Completed my Master and Viper Challenge 2017 Series (photoshot)

Finally, after completed my Viper Challenge series medal and graduated with my Master. I reward myself by brought Sprint Spartan ticket and it’s open category and located in Sire park , Iskandar Johor. When I remember my journey in OCR. Critics from friends, Families and unknown people were one of the reason I got the strength to build my sport skills ( never have it ).

My first Sprint at Sireh Park December 2017

You weakness is your strength. But truly, the critics was hurt my feeling a lot in several time. Sometimes, I down and can’t accept the comment. The comment broke my heart and always underestimate my effort and the same time I feel they did not appreciate my struggle. Now, the time has been passed. I’m prepare myself for the third race. Super Spartan that will be this end of July

Throwback Sprint Open Category Sireh Park 2017

I believe if we focus one by one our weakness in obstacle, it able to help us to conquer the next obstacle course. After 9 OCR events ( my estimation), the number obstacle I conquer increasing. How ?Every time in OCR race, if I failed to complete the obstacle fully. I will mark that obstacle in my next training plan. ( That’s beauty of OCR course, you have  already planned what you want to do during race for upcoming race).  For example, I failed to do rope climbing, In next training, I will practice a lot of my grip and enhance the skill technique climb. Some can be conquered immediately after practice. Some are not. It took time and depends on skills especially if you’re beginner in sport ( no experience at all like me )

Location between Hotel Ariana Iskandar and Sireh Park

Located in Sireh Park, we have chosen Hotel Ariana for our stay. Cheaper and one of the nearest hotel at event. Plus, the distance was near to Spartan event. However, for facilities and accommodation ? not so. One of the examples, the place was not near to ATM machine. Therefore, you need to travel to nearest town which was Bukit Indah . Food? Limited choice. Have one Thai food there and mamak no sure halal ( because suddenly we got feeling “was-was” about the halal status for the mamak stall)

You can survey Hotel Ariana from booking.com if you planned to stay in here. But, my suggestion…please booked early because this hotel is among the Spartan favorite during the  race.

Review of the course during Sprint  2017?  I mean Sireh Park itself . It is a public park with approximately 343-acre land and urban jungle. Suitable for jogging, trekking, mountain bike and boating. The elevation hill similar like Taman TTDI park but more on the natural path only in front of the park, the  path was homemade ( for Sprint ,not sure the elevation experience for Super, Beast and Ultra).

One of the slope in Sireh Park


One of the tough challenge during event, after carrying sandbag you need to run up to the hill and there you go! rope climb after hill. The second tough obstacle was bucket bridge….go to a high elevation to carried the bucket and carried to high slope.

Bucket carry

With one of the superstar Malaysia Spartanrace- Saddam

With one of the superstar Malaysia Spartanrace- Raj Ahmed

That’s the mental challenge I experience it. During google, I found review about Sireh Park here is the link. Just in case you want to find some clue and how’s it. Or you might use Instagram by search using hastag #sirehpark.

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