Monday, 9 July 2018

when a 120kg crazy bitch addicted to OCR?







Is quite long time I’m not writing in here. There were a lot thing I want to share it. But, I didn’t know where to start. Let start again. I’m practically busy to prepare myself for my upcoming Spartan race. To remember back what happened  3-4 years ago, I’m fat. Totally F.AT with all sadness and bad luck surrounded in my stories. I’m stop blogging because I been betrayed and been cheated (love stories burrghhh….. , I already forgive to all of them - no need elaborate in details ). But I never forgive to a person who’s talking bad behind me and pretend to be my friend during my suffering ( which was I found it this stories last week).


Been cheated by your bf,

Unfinished thesis

Been scolded by your Professor

Hectic work



Oh yes.. almost been diagnosed for blood pressure





To many things to list in here


I’m a desperate lady who’re seeking new life and happiness . Can you feel my pain ? You try everything like try winning back your bf’s heart. Work harder. Try to search good material for blog. Everything. Till one day I decided to enter Viper Challenge in March 2016. It change all my life.





My first Obstacle run




I’m fat…very fat , people bullied you with words. Gemuk, banyak air, obesity. Besar macam gajah. (Fat, horny fat girl, big like elephant) . Even your own families critics your body appearance. Itu belum part kena gelak dengan kawan sekolah, university, ex-boyfriend yang dulu-dulu.  So, the time I joined Viper Challenge was about to “let go my frustration AND ANGER” not to become thinner ( because I lost my hope to lose the kilos) . I’m crazy bitch in pain furthermore  nobody wants to listen to my problem. Yes…no one care. People that I trust avoiding me. Like they didn’t want to listen to my stories. I feel mental down and crying all time in bathroom.  So, I want to torture myself by participate this “crazy sport” But things become different, when I been taught  and guided to do workout. First to prevent injuries. Second, I gemuk kot. Siapa nak angkat aku?. All the training help me to divert my problem to become “one energy”. Positive energy. (It’s hard to change your negative aura to positive aura even till now)



My workout regime killed my sadness. I control portion food to drop a few kilo to make sure that I able to pull myself . Tak payahlah menyusahkan orang lain. Aku kan gemuk. Besar macam gajah. By the time, I finished my first ever obstacle run. I can’t believe it. Even 20 obstacles. I only can make it 6-7 obstacles. (oklah………tak pernah pun try kan). It motivates me a lot and I becoming ocr junkie since then.

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