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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Batman Vs Superman MY Run 2016

Caption :During race kit collection at Citta Mall, baru balik daripada Tarzan Race terus berlari pergi ambil race kit Batman vs Superman pula

What's interesting about this run, you can pick up your own team.You can choose  to be in  team superman  or batman . Furthermore, the price for  both team were same and same to goes as to the category .Only two categories has been open to public which were 5 KM and 10 KM [RM90 early bird price and I grab it without think twice- sooner the price will be increasing, the payment was super duper easy  from their website]

Caption : Route map from e-book

This run, it little bit different from others run that I participated before this. It's my first test for 10 KM. and surprising (shock with my own stupidity)   my beginner 10 KM start with Padang Merbok .  Yup...this run was been held at Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur. For those who are beginner runner/jog who looking challenging pace. Padang merbok is one of the best place to test your will. Those who are hikers and good in trail run- Padang Merbok is not big deal for them.Padang Merbok route run, have surrounded with challenging lane incline , I amaze to those who can run  with high incline, they must be  have pretty high stamina or maybe they don't have body fat at all (Lolz)

This event from my personal point of view has been organize very well. It might be not 100 % perfect but is ok compare my previously run. What I can said- "bayar mahal-mahal , mestilah kena berbaloi-baloi". Experience worth it. Nice Medal finisher and I got my first timing chip and the important thing, since Padang Merbok is quite tricky, they provide the water station very well. 

I'm very proud with this Batman vs Superman run, because it evaluate my training last two months ago.... what I learned from this run :

* Never underestimate size person - sebab tak semestinya dia besar dia tak boleh lari laju dan tak semestinya dia kurus dia boleh lari. I manage compate a few skinny people during this run . Amazingly! and people who have double size than faster than me (what?? seriously )

* My weakness is hills and high incline  ( I'm bad hikers), need to practice more and I see Tasik Permaisuri hills is one of the best place to train.

* 10 KM is different than 5 KM, after 6 KM you can feel burn sensation on my feet. To prevent this  I use double socks and put on some Vaseline  on my feet before run. (Next time I will invest quality socks only for run)

* Don't drink to much at water station, just sip and wash my face. I have lesson learned during viper arena.  Too much of water will slow you and your heart beat will slowing down.

* Good rest one day and wish "good luck" from friends helps me a lots during this run (love you all - you know who you are)