Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Restaurant Jayamas , Best Chicken Chop @ Seremban

Travel to Restaurant  Hua mui located at city of JB from KL can consuming time, Hua mui had become one of my family's favorite Hainanese chicken chop event to Johor royal family. This article is not about Hua mui, but is about Restaurant Jayamas located at seremban area.

Restaurant Jayamas (in F & N advertisement )

Jalan Dr Krishnan,Seremban

Instead Hua mui's Hainanese Chicken chop, to release my longing to their chicken chop  I can go to Restaurant Jayamas, Jalan Dr Krishnan,seremban town area.  Although Jayamas's chicken chop different with Hua mui JB. But it is the tradition of the old recipe of century (before our parents was born ) and it was cooked by the veteran. About halal don't worries... yes it is HALAL FOOD.

All menu food is strongly suggest to try, And as usual I was chicken lovers and that day was consider my cheat day. So I will order my Hainanese Chicken Chop. Food prices are still reasonable  at Seremban and definitely delicious for our taste bud 

This is chicken chop Hainanese Jayamas from side view

What a great view!

The Jayamas was small old coffee shop, you need to notice the signboard Jayamas.
Operation hour between Monday to Saturday from 8.30am till 5.30am only.
And don't be surprise all staff was veteran  

Recommended! because this is one of my favorite place after I went to PD

Monday, 14 October 2013

Things You Should Not Forget When you @ Sepang's race game

Assalamualaikum and hello ! ,

Last Sunday, I was went to Sepang International circuit (SIC) to watch MotorGP. Thanks to Gyena, I was able to attend. And good news, I was luckily because all of sudden I was invited to sit at main grandstand plus to sit with Ducati  die Hard fan club[ Tapi saya penyokong group Valentino Rossi….jadi saya tak boleh menjerit nama Rossi kuat sangat takut kena halau]. [ Finally I can sit exactly facing the paddock…. I love paddock view....climax…ahahahah]

Luckily there is little  experience that I want to share when I sit here, and luckily again I did standby to bring this following items :-

Sun block/ SFF make up
I’m using cc cream by FCC ( you should wear early before you leave home or you can wear it inside car)
This is because sepang weather is hot sunny and it can sunburn your skin. You only luckily when sepang have a rain.
But to be truth is totally hot. And you have no time to bring umbrella-because you time totally compact to watch the game and taking the picture

Ears plug
 The rumble of engine is super amazing which can pump our heart to become super exciting.
But please protect our hearing  organs. The sound of engine is quite loud beside pump your heart
It also can pump your internal ears


I don’t bring binocular but I was thankful because I borrow SLR Camera from my BF
From far, the game looks like mini-miniature…. You only can see the game when the vehicle is moving in front of you
Their speed was thunder in a second…( in future I will bring this)

Mainly  camera can’t separate from bloggers life..and also to individual live nowadays. So you need to bring your camera
And highly recommend if you able to bring SLR camera ( tak sempat kot nak menangkap gambar
Motor/F1 bergerak..memang laju gila…ada SLR pun tak mampu nak menangkap kelajuan)

Wear comfortable shoes

Please wear comfortable shoes…forget about heels…. Because :
<![if !supportLists]>1.       <![endif]>Chances that you might have “long” way walk
<![if !supportLists]>2.       <![endif]>Jangan berangan nak pakai heels… whether you will stand along for hours or walk ways…wearing heels ??neeehhh
….Boleh dengan syarat anda tidak merungut ,anda bukannya berkerja sebagai gadis litar…percayalah!
(prefer sneakers or at less ballet shoes)

Sun Glasses
I don’t bring umbrella….berat tangan. So make sure you wear all time sun glasses

Wearing comfortable clothes
Avoid wearing thick clothes if you don’t want to sweat like hell…
and avoid black colour ( girls… if you wearing inner black..like me….good lucks!)

Friday, 11 October 2013

A day with pedicure activity @ Luxe By Nail Parlour KLCC

Tired at the end of the weekend ? Bored to do anything.? Why not do treat yourself to  do pedicure or manicure at Luxe by Nail Parlour KLCC. Label Nail Parlour is synonymous as intensive fingernails and toenails.

However the outlets at KLCC was different than others. Located on the 4th floor in KLCC. But this Luxe by Nail Parlour’s store is quite hidden from others beauty stores up here. The location is right behind exit door Kinokinoya bookstores .

When step on this store ,the atmosphere is different  from others Nail care shop because their front line will great and treat you with exclusive treatment ( surprise, their no judge base on your appearance as long you can pay their services, that is their matter – keep up with good service guys because you treat others fair! )

You will feel like a VIP when you are here. First they will great you and then you will take you to treatment room. ( Best gila treatment room dia)

Then they will give you exclusive tea menu ( High class tea and you need to pick up as complimentary ). After you receive your tea, they will give you hot back blanket and you can enjoy your relaxing time. They have very beautiful nail colors, I love it so much but I’m not choose to color my nails- I’m Muslim , from my opinions  is quite difficult to bring during solat , you need to wash it first. Either else your prayer will not valid.

So far I’m feeling like Beverly Hills’s resident ..feel like Hollywood stars..muhahahaah…Please drop by ok! Recommended !

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Biskut Fibre Untuk Kurus (Gantikan Jajan)

Welcome to world of diet..mih mih mih mih....

.allowed me to introduce my new food, fibers crackers. This is my kudap-kudap untuk mengantikan jajan, hari tu konah boleh habiskan 30 pack biskut jajan chocolate. Habis naik 5kg. Maiikk aiiih

Let me introduce to fiber cracker. It can be consider healthy food because almost 70% made from fiber things. I just eat two of it and full already. This what happen in 3rd weeks diet...you start bored with vege, oatmeal , fruits... you need to replace another food. Either else you, yourself will start ruin your own diet menu.

Bertabahlah untuk saya!
*kudap - kudap : jajan

From Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

Things You Should Do @ Cameron Highlands

This is my overnight place

I just have sweet escape at two weeks ago. Since I'm on diet, I thought it would best if I can visit again to Cameron Highlands (kononnya nak kawal makan). I took my annual leave and start my journey on Friday. I'm using Tapah highway instead of Simpang Pulai.

1. Lata Iskandar.
When you use old road, Tapah highway you able to catch magnificent sight waterfall of Lata Iskandar. No doubt, Tapah highway  can make us confusing, dizzy or ting tong because the road narrow and small. However when you on the way to  Cameron, this road is not steep as Simpang Pulai. But this challenging journey worth it, when you can see the exquisiteness of mother nature, Lata Iskandar waterfall which will be on your left side. And you should be noted that Cameron highland still  in front of you (but not to far). [Why not put your break a while and sat and enjoy this moment].

2. Fresh Corn
You can buy Fresh corn at Brinchang nigh market or  any stalls in Cameron Highlands. Look for “Jagung madu” (some local people called it Jagung susu but is actual same… I think so ). Corn can be eaten without boiling because there are so fresh from the farm. If you good in searching in bargain, you can buy RM10 for 14 shoots of corns.

3. Strawberries pick up activities
Cameron Highlands, most of us will imagine about strawberries. Because along the way Cameron Highlands you see a lots of farm strawberries that you can stop by and do pick up activities.

4. Steamboat
Steamboat is popular dish in Cameron. Don’t miss you taste bud to try steamboat here. Although you can get anywhere  at KL city but it would be different UP here. Trust  me!  This might be the cold weather can make you super hungry and your throat  will like to have heat food and most of
Restaurants here sell steamboat. For vegetable lovers, you will enjoy well your steamboat here.

5.Mother nature
Most of the hills and bush in Cameron already tapped by developers. You can see look up point either at Gunung Brinchang or you can go to MARDI( Look up point) . But different with me, I went to strawberry resort hotel and view the scenery.

6. Tea Farm
This place is a favorite to many. But usually , I will stop here as pit stop when I want to come back to KL. Tips to visit this place, come in the early morning, I prefer to visit Bharat tea farm from BOH tea farm because their tea more fragrant and fresh

7.Brinchang Night Market
You did not know where to have your dinner ? I would suggest you to go to the night weekend market Brinchang. Their sell a lot of street food there. Cendawan goreng, jagung bakar, jagung rebus, jagung segar, strawberries chocolate, customize tea, ketam goreng… anything…. Name it.

Many others places that you can be explored but Cameron is no longer cold as our childhood before. Before this we would wear thick cloth because the cold is like oversea countries . It is only cold when rainy season

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

#NNFoodFeast @NuffnangMY - Yes, I'm Ready to TW(Eat)

Food lovers will not miss out this opportunity to be held on the last Saturday. This is awesome community and Malaysia's first of its kind food festival. What awesome about this #NNFoodFest,? Its open to public! And what interesting compare to other Food Festival ? There are no penny  you just need to TW(eat) to eat ( yes, using twitter). But……

Actual there are 3 easy ways to get food sample. What you need to do :
1.Scan NNFoodFest Apps (for Apple users)
2.Post Twitter update with keywords #NNFoodFest and #(include food stalls)
3.Like & share Facebook page #NNFoodFest and #(include food stalls)

Awesome right ? Like I want to eat crazy potato so much. So I went to Crazy potato stalls and follow the flow.

Here the  awe-inspiring schedule  for visitors on epic day

What I'm so excited to join this event?. It is not just because their full-pack itenery but… Firstly  I can meet others bloggers in this event community and second only bloggers/social media's freak can understand bloggers/social media's freak. Why??? Every time we see food ,we will take pictures of food and post to Facebook, twitter , instagram or event writing in our blog. We like to share to others, how the food is! . People think us crazy. But we don't kwo-kwo we just love food so much!

Media social's Freak… their standby to TW(EAT)

Me with Kiflimally and Alvin

Kifflymally, me and Darren

Undeniably  this Festival food was a great response . But is the food runs out? No!!!!!!!!! lots of food prepared for us to eat , although is just sample food but there are almost 25 stalls ( I think so …tak ingat ) that you need to visit. You can eat and eat without stop as long you TW(eat) to eat
(For muslims , no worries the food stalls already label perfectly for Halal and Non Halal  to prevent mislead information , so we can unite 1 Malaysia cheersss!!! )

One of event that electrify me was The Ultimate Maggi Blogger Cook-Off, this is cooking competition between sifu-sifu bloggers. At this time we will see them compete each others to cook special menu from Big Mee Maggi Curry. Even though  is only Mee Maggi but the way they cook like champ (sebab tulah O.T.A.I ) *Claps *

The winner of the contest is ciklily putih ( Taniah kak lily!!!!)

Last and not less, Thank you to Nuffnang fo an evening epic tw(eat)ing adventures.
Hopefully we can meet again next year,because this event can reunite  bloggers and share our L.O.V.E on

Winner Star Transformation Fruitale ( Transformasi Bintang Furitale )

I with the winner Fruitale Star!

The competition, which was launched in April 2013 with a series of road shows across the country offer opportunities for women appearances makeover for age between 18 to 25 years.

The final round was held in front of an audience at the Mydin Wholesale Hypermarket, Subang Jaya. The present participants with their loyal supporters .The competition launched in conjunction with Fruitale own transformation, from soap supplier of books to a brand that offers a complete range of shower cream with 100% organic fruit extracts and yogurt to meet current market demands more sophisticated.

"Fruitale suitable for those who are active, adolescent and youth-oriented. Refreshing fragrance, it smells fruity, invigorating and long lasting. Our brand ambassador, Nora Danish, exemplary character and a vibrant user Fruitale beautiful. She was our first choice as a mentor to the finalists, " According to Ms. Angeline Sim, Group Product Manager

The winner is the first transformation Star Fruitale Fatin Atiqah, while the second place went to Nurul Nur and third place Nuara Eliya.

Starbuck Untuk Kurus?

Assalamualaikum wbrt and Hello!

Recommended menu breakfast during your diet or liquid diet is Low Fat Hot Chocolate (venti)
From starbucks . You MUST have your breakfast during your diet and you can’t skip it. At least
You target calories on breakfast is 300 calories. This is vital, if you skip  your breakfast it will slow down your metabolism process. Metabolism mechanism is needed during lose weight program . Imagine if car did not have enough oil…how can it perform well on the road ? It same as our body!
Breakfast is just like oil in our body to give and boost up your performance. (Perasaan tak kalau kita makan atau ada breakfast, selalunya tengah hari kita dah kenyang ? kan kan ?)

Another example, if muslim do their fast ( puasa ) , their will eat early in morning (muslim call it Sahur)  this is to give full support for their energy during a day. Another tips to lose weight! DON’T SKIP your breakfast. Have your breakfast , faster your lose weight.