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Review : Avillion Legacy Hotel, Melaka

Bermalam di Avillion Legacy Melaka | Avillion Legacy , Malacca

It was weekend gateway and last minute decision.  It was very worth it as I can stay in the room and relaxing.  I love hotel that inspired  by  colonial concept. When you first enter to register (check -in). The hotel's architecture  have  elegant interior  including impressive glass dome lobby and classic  Roman Pillar

Elegant interior


I choose superior room, and as usual we booked online from Agoda which the price is more cheaper compare to walk-in. If you walk in this room might costing you around RM330++ not include tax. From Agoda you can get between RM130 - RM200++. However bear in your mind , you need to  prepare deposit cash around RM150, you can get it after check-out.

The bed category as hard, but i like that way. The room reasonable  clean,  I'm not kind perfectionists to check colour of carpet. As long I can "solat" it consider clean.


 I don't give a damn to the comment that toilet room furniture is old. All I care if

  • water heater function well
  • No leaking water
  • basic toiletries
  • Bathtub

 I'm bathtub lover, you give bathtub and I will shut my eyes to others weakness. Basically their toilet is quite comfortable but little bite old fashion.

( kau bukan nak tidur dalam bilik air pun kalau bilik air cantik-cantik... ke nak ehem ehem...tak yah komen lebih janji function baik)



Breakfast buffet was included with our package over night,  Breakfast was decent with good spread of food. Not many of choices, however the hall is quite small and compact  during peak hours. My advice come early to run from congested crowd.


Room Service

Recommended to try their room service..... having delicate taste and spent your  own time for yourself ( isolate from world) . Give your time to pamper yourself. Yummieee!!! ummpp... but please don't order their burger. It not worth it, because you can get burger tepi jalan yang lagi sedap.
Sincerly comment.




Review All:

Located  in the city itself,  not far from Malacca Mall

Address :

Avillion Legacy Melaka
146 Jalan Hang Tuah,
75300 Malacca, Malaysia.
Tel: +606 281 6868
Fax: +606 281 9898

Tugu Melenium, Putrajaya

Jalan- Jalan di Sekitar Putrajaya ( Salah satu tempat menarik di Putrajaya) | Tugu Melenium, Putrajaya

Biasalah konah ni kepochi, dulu Putrajaya ni tempat lepak Konah zaman student degree dulu. Tugu Melenium atau dikenali sebagai Monument Alaf Baru ni,lebih kurang kalau korang tengok cerita hollywood macam tugu peringatan  Washington monument tu.

Bentuk Monument Alaf Baru ini berbentuk unik obelisk, tajam di hujungnya. Konah kepochi datang sini sebab tertanya-tanya, mana tahu dapat korek apa yang Dr. M tanam...katanya Dr. M tanam kapsul masa dalam ni...[ BTW Tun Dr. Mahathir , adalah idola tokoh yang saya mengidam nak jumpa dia. Khabarnya kapsul masa ini akan dikorek semula pada 2020, selaras dengan wawasan Dr.M  wawasan 2020.

Uniknya , setelah melawat Konah mengerti kenapa disebut Tugu melenium kerana ukiran-ukiran kaca dihiasi dengan fakta sejarah Malaysia yang bermula daripada sejarah Kemelayuan Melaka. Selain daripada itu, Tugu melenium sesuai untuk mencari ilham atau lokasi photoshot. No wonder tempat ni ramai orang convo dan kahwin buat photoshot.

Pemandangan daripada point of view yang berbeza dari Tugu Melenium


Kalau nak tinjau, boleh pergi ke Presint 2, ikut je signboard monument Alaf baru. Landmark dia betul-betul sebelah kedai makan famous, Umai Cafe [ yang aku tak try lagi...asyik penuh je memanjang]

Stupid Mistake : "Flea" War | Tips Hadap Serangan Kutu Kucing Di Rumah

Stupid Mistake  : "Flea" War | Tips Hadap Serangan Kutu Kucing Di Rumah

I have battle with flea, huh? Cat Flea . I suspect Bitsy(my cat name) 'sneak'  out and been affected  with unhealthy environment.  Indoor cat is fragile compare with domestic cat. They (domestic cat) much more stronger than indoor cat as they already adapt with environment.

I don't realise Bitsy has affected by flea till I spotted  my cat start scratch. Before this she had flea however I manage to bring her to  the doctor. But then this time ,  I can't bring her to veterinary cause I always come home late from the work.

Immediately , I surf the information and went to pet shop nearby and  purchase Frontline spray. If you have flea cat problem , I would very recommend you to buy Frontline spray. It come in two size - bottle small and big with different price. At my place big size bottle will cost you around RM70.00 . While the small bottle around RM42.00.Effective? YUP. Safe? Definitely.  SEE the price "lah".

Don't buy others product, because some product, when you spray on your cat, you need to watch them and make sure they don't lick  fur for 5-10minute. However with Frontline spray it safe and will not harm to your cat. You don't worry  to babysit them.

The stupid mistake I do, I spray bitsy in my bedroom. My advise ,you need to do it  at your toilet. The reason why you need to do that because some flea manage fly and survive from this weapon. Worst part flea will atttack your house. When will happen......'matilah'

Did flea attack my room...of course "lah". What the stupid thing that I ever done. Again I surf the information how to cure this effection. I done everything , example according to tips : I put salt worse part :letak garam kutu kucing tu membiak dah jadi macam kandang kutu kucing aku tengok. Stupid information, they advise us to put salt around effected areas.

Lastly what I do, I put some Dettol brand for floor inside spray bottle and spray to effect areas. Mati semua kutu tu : Nyah rasakan penangan asid ni Padan muka engkau kutu! puas hati. Flea bite human beings tau. So beware peeps.

Mati kau kutu aku kerjakan. masuk cecair Dettol multi cleaner ni lepas tu spray

Q:Ingat apa nak buat kalau kutu kucing ada dekat kucing kita ?

A: Tindakan :
1) Jumpa Doktor


2) Beli nama spray Frontline Spray (sangat effective ) but please spray dekat dalam bilik air. Diulang dalam bilik air. Kemudian letak dalam sangkar untuk Quarantine . And you must see a lots of Flea/ kutu tu terbang keluar mati daripada sangkar.

Q : Apa nak buat kalau kutu serang Rumah?(kutu kucing gigit manusia ,they favourite adalah bahagian kaki

A: Tindakan

1) Janganlah nak mengarut ikut teori dalam internet tu example letak garam lah. Pasang lilin lah. Letak bekas airlah...mengarut....kutu kucing adalah sangat degil ok.  I been there. Macam cacing kepanasan tengok kutu-kutu tu buat parti dalam bilik

2) beli Dettol multi action cleaner yang ada banyak bau. Saya belik bau lavender. Masuk dalam botol spray. Spray tempat-tempat kutu kena serang. Dah kering (dia macam melekit) boleh mop dengan air panas. Kalau kain contoh selimut, sarung bantal ,cadar etc pergi basuh. Lepas tu baru boleh vakum.
Letak Dettol terus mati...Nampak sangat kuman.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Pak John Steamboat & Yong Tao Foo at Wangsa Walk KL

Pak John Steamboat & Yong Tao Foo at Wangsa Walk KL

I never notice steamboat restaurant  at Wangsa Walk Mall. There are variety of cuisine at here however not all  attract me to dine in here because of their attitude (unfriendly staff) except Little Wok Restaurant, however there already transfer to another place. 

Till one day, I received event invitation for Bloggers Award 2014 from Halim Brothers  .  Then I realise  Pak John Steamboat & Yong Tao Foo has second branch  at Wangsa Walk Mall. And you know what.... after event , I came again the next day - like magnet  to dine again at here.*hiksss - fallin in love*

Pak John , Wangsa Walk branch concept is Ala-carte compare to Pak John E-Curve which is buffet. Restaurant Pak John is Halal. Their Staff have good hospitality- friendly  and  tentative to their customers. For me, steamboat at Pak John is worth your penny especially 'cookies monster' (sesame street icon ) like me. My Friends (3 peeps ) and I   request for Set 2 steamboat ( For 2 pax ) for beginning as we thought that we would like to add-on another "ala-carte" steamboat menu. We want something variety for our dinner.However Set 2 steamboat more just enough for us. I think our set can eat by  5 peoples. * Banyak gila isi dia*  . FYI  :

  1. Set 1  for 1 person - Free 1 set ala-carte( I believe can eat up to 3 people)- RM29.90
  2. Set 2 For 2 Person - Free 3 set ala-carte ( I Believe can eat up to 5 people)- RM39.90
  3. Set 4 For 3-4 Person - Free 4 set ala carte ( I think huge )- tak ingat harga dia berapa..sorry

Their broth is fantastic, rich with taste. They have variety of flavor  that I can't recall. So far I only taste 3 from their menu. Which is Prawn, curry and Tomyam. From this 3 broth , I recommend you guys to try tomyam and curry.  You can't reject their tomyam because it will  heat up your mind and you will demand more and more while curry  , remember to curry laksa aunty at FAM.  * Best* Taste like siham curry.

This is steamboat Pak John From Set 6

Butter for Grilled

They do have salmon for steamboat set

Fried Calamari- they have ala carte ready made to

There are few things that I would like to highlight :

I love  Pak John Sirap Bandung. Unique . * Ada biji selasih*

You must try their smoked duck. The duck is so tender when you grilled. This is one reason why I come back here.... quack -quack. Furthermore their grill bbq is eco-friendly. There no splash oil, therefore you can grill without fear. eheheheh

They have "exclusive " sauce . Limited but you can request more and more.  Combination between sweet-sour -spice balance.  I think this is their "weapon"

Lastly , instead smoked duck you may try their Australian beef slices . Katakanlah you tak pandai makan itik. You can order this. It taste like "kobe beef" . When you grilled within 2-3 minutes it already well-done.

Our Total Budget for 4 pax :

Set 2 Steamboat = RM39.90
Smoke Duck Breast = RM12.90
Beef Slice = Rm12.90
Tomyam Soup = RM10
Fried Tempura Calamari = RM6.90
Longan = RM4.90
Lime Juice= RM4.90
Orange Juice=Rm5.90
Desser-bubur Pak Lan = RM1.90
Together with 16% tax = RM120.75 (dia yang mahal sebab gov tax  dia je... nak ikutkan total harga sebenar adalah sekitar RM100)

Comment : Usually if you eat steamboat for 2 pax it will cost you this amount.I believe this price worth for 4 pax. (very worth)

Location :
Wangsa Walk (beside ayam penyet restaurant and same row with Celcom service center)
Lot GL-02 & FL-02 
Jalan Wangsa Perdana 1
Bandar Wangsa Maju 

Friday, 26 September 2014

Halal Udon noodle Japanese Recipe

 Hello Lovelies !

Today I want to share one recipe halal Udon Noodle Japanese Style using  my way.  People in Japan usually eat Udon in hot soup with meat and veggie .  It is quick fixed meal compare to ramen soup which is more complicated. If you notice , most Udon Soup will serve using pork , mirin and Sake. However for muslim there are always have another way or alternative for the ingredient.  

 *sorry malas nak pusing gambar *  You can buy Instant  Japanese Udon at Market , I would like to recommend this brand since it have certificate Halal.  Udon Noodles made from flour, salt and water therefore you don't  need to worry about the ingredient. I prefer this brand because its fresh , convenient to cook and no preservatives. 

sake is one of ingredient that you "must" have when you cook Japanese cuisine. For Udon soup,  alternative way that you can change by using Balsamic vinegar. It is made from grape- dark brown syrup with smooth sweet and sour flavor. It also called dark vinegar.

  Beside sake, another gems for  japanese cuisine is Mirin. Mirin knowns as wine rice , since we (Muslim) who are follow Syafie Mazhab, it is advisable us not  to drink or eat mirin.   Alternative way you can use white vinegar or rice vinegar . The taste is almost similiar just that mirin have sweet taste 

Package of Udon Noodles
1 cube Ikan bilis (any brand and flavor is optional)
salt (optional measurement)
1-3  tablespoon Balsamic Vinegar 
2 tsblrdpoon Vinegar or Rice Vinegar
2 tablespoon soy sauce
Fishball/tafu/chicken/meat (optional)
blend of garlic ,ginger and onions


  1.  Heat stock cube in boil. Add blend of garlic, ginger and onions,soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and vinegar (if you using vinegar ,add on lil bit sugar unless you using rice vinegar you can skip sugar), salt and then fish/chicken/meat/lamb etc

    *For my version- I would prefer Seafood Tofu, and recommended brand is CB surimi *
  2. skim fat and other particle from surface of soup if there are any.
  3. Add Udon in the soup and simmer  for 2-3 minutes
  4. Divide udon and soup into the  bowls and if you want you can sprinkle with green onions

Easy ??? Rite?

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

My Secret Hide-Out : Citta Mall, Ara Damansara

My Secret Hide-Out : Citta Mall, Ara Damansara

Hello and Assalam peeps!

What a lovely sunny weather in KL today (syukur). I remember my date on sunday last week. I have a great weekend with love one. Citta Mall location  quite far from my house . It located at Ara damansara. You may have two main road you can used.

One : Way to subang airport
Second: From Kota damansara (I would prefer to use this road which feel like short cut road)

This is my secret hide-out place. It not like ordinary shopping mall. Not recommend to shop till drop.This mall is perfect for privacy hang out and perfect for your family too since this place was not crowd with "homo sapiens".It have cinema and a few famous restaurants located in here.

However my favourite places and "must -do" are mini putt and +wondermilk

I love butterscotch milk and serve it cold in the cute bottle. One bottle will be cost you around RM 7.Usually I will take a bite at here after I finish my game at mini putt. One piece of cute cupcake will charge you RM4.90/pcs . My favourite cuppies will be oreo and salted caramel. My experimental cupcake last Sunday was "teh- tarik"..... taste little bit weird. You need to eat together with cream otherwise , your tongue will surrounded with tea aroma. *Pelik*

Boots : (Snowfly- Malaysia footwearbrand)
Hijab : I wore using madison style 
Pants : Jeans From Zara

Mini Putt, if you want to know more . You can visit to my last post (here). It is first mini golf in Malaysia. This game open to every age. They have 18 holes. Not many ? Come and try to play here. After 5 holes, you getting sweat. This is reason why golf can consider as sport, because it make you sweat ( from my own opinion).Since there are no limit hour, you can enjoy your game and play slow with style.*bahahahah*  Weekend price RM20/pax.What is your weekend  planning ? is not longer my secret hide-out after I wrote this.

Citta Mall
No 1, Jalan PJU 1A/4B
Ara Damansara,
47301 Petaling Jaya,

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Red Box, Low Yat Plaza

 Karaoke best dan murah |Red Box, Low Yat Plaza 

Assalam  & Halluuuuu!!!!!!!

Kalau sebut pasal Red box , siapa tak kenal especially from Klang Valley. Mestilah K.A.R.A.O.K.E (dalam ejaan sangat, bernyanyilah dengan syok sendiri). Tips budget daripada tips student terutamanya mahu bersantai dihujung minggu adalah di tempat Red box, Low Yat Kuala Lumpur

Seperti mana yang kita tahu dan sinonim. Harga karaoke pada weekend/hujung minggu selalu agak berbeza dengan hari biasa.  harganya agak sedikit tinggi.  Tetapi tidak di Red Box , Low yat tempat yang saya pergi baru-baru ini. Sangat " amaze" dengan harga yang berpatutan terutamanya pada hujung minggu.

Dengan harga RM12++ bersertakan air (tidak termasuk tax) kita boleh bernyanyi di Red Box, Low yat ini selama 2 jam lebih. Cuma satu sahaja syarat dia, kena datang pada pukul 11 pagi (recomended untuk morning person)  Sebenarnya saya pun sampai di tempat ini pada jam sekitar 11.30 pagi. 

Saya cadangkan datang seawal mungkin, bukan kerana ramai orang di Red Box ini tetapi tempat parking di Low yat agak sesak pada awal pagi. Saya tak tahu kenapa. Mungkin ramai meletak kereta di sini dan kemudian bergerak ke tempat lain.

Bilik Karaoke Red Box , Low Yat ( 2 Pax )

Bilik untuk 2 pax Red box ,Low yat agak besar. Dan bilik dia sangat sejuk (tapi best), walaupun dah control volume air cond bilik ini tetap sejuk .Pendapat jujur daripada orang yang berdarah panas macam saya ni. Jadi bawa-bawalah extra kain tebal kepada siapa yang tak tahan sejuk.

Controller bagi menu lagu dan pilihan ada di sebelah kanan tempat duduk. Jadi tak payah susah-susah nak bangun pergi depan pilih lagu dan kacau orang menyanyi tengok lirik. Kalau nak panggil staff dia pakai telefo dekat tepi pintu. Sebab macam setengah-setengah tempat karaoke, customer service ada dekat panel controller. Pada awalnya saya confuse- sebab saya nak order lagi makanan.

Add on RM 2

add on set Lunch RM4

Cakap pasal makanan, untuk maklumat add on set lunch pada early bird adalah murah, dimana pilihan menu yang disediakan adalah add on set Lunch RM4 dan add-on set Lunch RM 2 . Contoh add on Lunch RM 2 adalah nasi goreng dan manakala fish and chip dia RM 4

Maksud add-on lunch, adalah optional . Korang boleh pilih dan tak nak pun boleh. Tapi cadangan saya lebih baik masukan terus sahaja sebab makanan dia memang normal portion makanan di luar. Rugi kan kalau tak ambil? Lagipun air dia adalah free refill sampai kita habis karaoke.

Oleh kerana nak meriahkan suasana saya order lagi makanan ( pada awalnya dengan set murah RM4 dan RM2 tu saya ingatkan ciput portion ) saya order lagi nugget dan lambchop. Ya Allah tamak betul. Sekali sampai makanan dia portion besar-besar.

psss makan tak baca doa ni.

Calculation total

Per Person  = 12 x2  orang = RM24
add on lunch = RM4 (optional nak boleh ,tak nak pun boleh)
add on lunch = RM2 (optional nak boleh ,tak nak pun boleh)
air = dah masu dalam package and free refill selama 2 jam setengah
ala carte nugget RM10 ( tapi dapat discount RM 20 % sebab masuk early bird)= RM8
ala carte lamchop RM16 ( tapi dapat discount RM 20 % sebab masuk early bird) = RM14.40
6% service tax
Total up = RM60.80

Jadi apakah entertainment korang pada hujung minggu ini ? My cheapest way to relax adalah dekat sini. Nyanyi dua jam + makan + minimum = Relax

 Red box, lowyat
Alamat :  B1,  Plaza Low Yat off Jalan Bukit Bintang