Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Pasar Pasir Penambang Kuala Selangor

I  pretty close with my BFF and her family cause we almost related in family and know each other. During labour's day vacation  we have spent time together and pay a visit to Kuala Selangor. At first I wondering..... Kuala Selangor????? 

*krik krik krik krik* 

Apa ada dekat sana?

 Tada, one of the attraction place that you need to visit (warning : only for seafood and fish lover) . It called Pasar Pasir Penambang Kuala Selangor. Don't wear anything fancy and please wear slippers. I love cook and love to eat. When I saw this heaven, I too excited.

 Sangat murah, I can't describe the price but it worth it. If you spent RM100 at normal market in KL how much you can get it ? Here at Pasar Penambang Kuala Selangor RM100 wow.... you can get as many as you want. Is like Buffet.Mummy (my BFF's mother) brought fish and seafood full inside cold box of coolmen that can fit 82 cans drink.

With Mummy, but she was focusing on crab instead camera. LoL.  Mummy's kari Kepala Ikan terbaik in the world. Yup, seriously tak tipu and today she will cooking for us.

My BFF with her mum


 Tips untuk beli ikan murah dekat Kuala Selangor : 
  1. Don't wear fancy. Janji comfortable untuk bergerak.
  2. Selipar itu penting
  3. ice box itu penting. Kalau nak borong boleh beli besar
  4. Makin belakang kedai tu makin murah
  5. Seafood selalu dapat turun petang sikit estimate time 1 petang - 3 petang
  6. Tanya harga dulu ( tapi jangan counter harga nanti kena maki)
  7. Only for fish and seafood lovers are welcome here. Girl-girl yang auw-auw memang tak sesuai.

Note : B.F.F also have double meaning