Thursday, 19 May 2016

Mad Warrior Sprint 2016, UM

 picture kredit to ina and witha ☺

This thingy thing fitness challenge . Made me so mad and I still newbie in this field. After viper arena challenge 2016. I'm decided to join Usue for Mad Warrior Sprint 2016. My last minutes preparation  with usue and Aceem 2 weeks before Mad warrior , because I think it's important to have team bonding between team members. Beside that there a lots of thing I need to learn from kak yani and usue. So totally week training for Mad Warrior   I estimate roughly around 7-10 weeks (include training with team).  In early weeks, I do it by myself because I want to focus on my run (another fitness challenge coming soon that I will participate).

For Mad warrior , I  more focus on development on upper body and stamina after I realize this is my weakness point. Our group is called " Geng Besi".  Everyone in team have unique personalities. My personality more to "sewel". Kak yani assign as our Manager group *sengih* macam pemain bola profesional pula. Back to event, Our group release wave is 9 am and It’s on time compare to Viper Arena that delay almost 30 minutes.  For Mad Warrior Sprint 2016, this event been held in University Malaya area.  The course is 6KM with 20 obstacles.

It’s very basic course compare to Viper arena. It’s ok for me since I’m beginner and my stamina tak adalah memberangsangkan sangat. I know my level stamina when I need to run almost 1 KM to reach first obstacle. Semput beb….. everyone looking at me macam pelik and said { you’re supposedly good on this : “run” }. Aah I said it myself every place that we run have different pace.  For Usue , Aceem and Kent  the obstacle is very very easy for them. Cause they have good strength and core. For me so-so, but If I can do almost all of it. Mmmm senanglahkan ? Maybe we compare it so much with Viper. I need to admit Viper event most “menakut one”. Most obstacle is double or triple your height. Macam mana tu ? What I saw in myself : I see little bit improvement…tak mengelabah macam viper arena dulu….tangan sampai sejuk-sejuk and nak berak pun ada.  (Berak tu ada but is normal because nak buat macam mana my berak time is morning!) yang sentap tu kena beratur because lots of people also like me , terkepit-kepit dan pintu tandas dekat dewan Canselor UM ni. However, Mad warrior organizer more organize compare to Viper, registration went smooth : a lots of counter registration , proper time wave  on time, pass barang finisher pun kemas.

Overall  is really fun and excited- rindu  nak rasa moment finisher tu because it worth it untuk kita berlatih (walaupun I know myself yang tak beberapa nak core and terror sangat ni). after we push hard, we get our reward  dengan makan at Chawan Bangsar . But sadly Chawan Bangsar is not so good like before, sib baiklah set asam pedas aku tu boleh tahan.About the tips and preparation , it same as Viper tips (link)

First Obstacle in Mad Warrior Sprint in UM

Last obstacle , ya allah… sumpah sejuk gila. Nampak bestkan ? Tapi lepas badan dah letih . Birat sana sini masuk dalam air yang penuh ais. Susah nak describe macam mana. Nak kata best, brain freeze nak kata tak best? Lepas penat masuk dalam ni terus marvelous jadi macam superhero

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Tryst Cafe , SS15 Subang

In early morning, I panicky to have my carb loading for my viper challenge. It became so excited to me because  : I will eat a lots  a lots of carb (yeppie) . Carb loading is very vital during your event fitness challenge.  My first experience carb loading was at Tryst cafe. I choose this cafe because this is the only hipster cafe that operating in early morning at Subang  Jaya ( Macam tak caye kan).Sadly, majority hipster cafe in Subang only open late noon (very late...not cool kena makan mamak la cmni) Thanks to Tryst Café, you there….for my first time carb loading.

Tryst café landmark : Cari kedai makan mamak/mapley called “ Hassan food gallery”.  This hipster café located along the jalan Hassan Food gallery.( Kedai Trysty café terletak di tengah sikit ke dalam). Overall like others hipster café, Tryst Café have cool and grungy design.

Example like this design….mmmm do you think what I think? *emoji evil face* Student biology will be understand more (lebih cepat tangkap). Since I’m chasing my time to buy gloves and headband at Sport direct dot com, subang. I will share their menu . What that they have :

Tryst Café SS15 Menu

Oklah price Tryst café, still consider affordable tak macam setengah café hipster yang lain. Even though I can eat a lots of carbs , but then the food still need in health diet. So is quite tricky for to pick up the food. But thanks to Tryst . I see  aglio Olio pasta is suitable food for my carb loading. Their aglio very nice and healthy pasta.  You can tasted their rosemary herb and olive oil. The olive oil not so heavy and their serve together with fresh cute tomatoes.

Additionally my partner also ordered lamb and mushroom for her breakfast. My partner comment on this food “ This dish so healthy”. Basically If you in strict diet and still want to enjoy your food. This café well recommended .

You know what…. Oleh kerana terlampau sedap sangat and I think their food is healthy ( choose wisely from menu). We ate another one more dish : Their Big Breakfast. Very nice and tasty and I love the way they sauté their mushroom . For plain water , they provided FOC. And you need to pick up by youself.

overall , customer service 4/5, food 4.5/5 ,price 3.5/5  , parking 1/5